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Shakes & Les, Zee Nxumalo and DBN Gogo - Funk 55 Ft. Ceeka RSA and Chley

 Shakes & Les, Zee Nxumalo and DBN Gogo - Funk 55 [Ft. Ceeka RSA and Chley] (Official Audio)


"Funk 55" is an energetic collaboration featuring Shakes & Les, Zee Nxumalo, and DBN Gogo, with additional contributions from Ceeka RSA and Chley. This track captures the vibrant essence of Amapiano, bringing together a diverse group of talented artists.


The Artists

- Shakes & Les: Known for their innovative production and dynamic sound, Shakes & Les are rising stars in the Amapiano scene. Their ability to create infectious beats and memorable melodies has earned them a growing fanbase.

- Zee Nxumalo: A versatile artist with a powerful voice, Zee Nxumalo's contributions add a distinct flavor to "Funk 55." Her vocal range and emotive delivery enhance the track's appeal.

- DBN Gogo: One of the leading female DJs and producers in the Amapiano genre, DBN Gogo is celebrated for her energetic performances and unique sound. Her involvement in "Funk 55" brings a fresh and exciting edge to the track.

- Ceeka RSA and Chley: These artists provide additional vocals and creative input, enriching the song's texture and depth. Their presence adds layers of harmony and complexity to the overall sound.


Musical Composition

"Funk 55" features a blend of hallmark Amapiano elements, characterized by:

- Rhythmic Piano Riffs: The track opens with catchy piano melodies that set a lively and upbeat tone. These riffs are central to the Amapiano genre, providing both rhythm and harmony.

- Deep Log Drum Basslines: The deep, resonant log drum basslines drive the track's rhythm, creating a compelling groove that is perfect for dancing.

- Intricate Percussion: Syncopated percussion patterns add complexity and movement, making the track engaging and dynamic. The layered beats and rhythms are a signature of Amapiano's infectious sound.


Lyrical Themes

The lyrics of "Funk 55" focus on themes of enjoyment, celebration, and the vibrant energy of social gatherings. The vocal performances by Zee Nxumalo, Ceeka RSA, and Chley add a sense of fun and excitement, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the music. The lyrics, combined with the upbeat melodies and rhythms, create a feel-good atmosphere that is perfect for any party or dancefloor.


Cultural Impact

"Funk 55" exemplifies the collaborative spirit and innovative nature of the Amapiano genre. By bringing together a diverse group of artists, the track highlights the genre's ability to blend different musical influences and create something unique. The song also showcases the genre's widespread appeal, resonating with a broad audience both in South Africa and beyond.



"Funk 55" by Shakes & Les, Zee Nxumalo, and DBN Gogo, featuring Ceeka RSA and Chley, is a lively and engaging track that captures the essence of Amapiano. The collaboration between these talented artists results in a song that is both infectious and memorable. "Funk 55" is a must-listen for fans of Amapiano and those looking to experience the vibrant energy of South African music.


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