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lady Du is Set to Drop "Underrated" this Friday

lady Du is set to Drop his single titled "Underrated" this coming Friday

Lady Du, the hitmaker of "Wawa", an amapiano singer and songwriter, and Dj from Soweto South Africa has just announced she will be releasing new music soon.

After being quiet for some time focusing on her business journey Lady Du has decided to come back on stage and brace her fans with new music, Lady du recently shared how excited she was about the project she was working on and how personal this project for her, as she stated that this project is for paying homage and respect to her family the "Ngwenya Family" she even named her ep project "Ngwenya Ep"

She captioned " “I’m an African child born from the NGWENYA family!!” and added " i have been through so much in my life and i feel like if my Grandfather was alive he would be proud to see what I have achieved.

The song "Underrated" that's set to drop this Friday features one of the best vocalists and upcoming artists in the Amapiano industry, she explained that the title of the song was inspired by all the vocal artists who go unseen in the amapiano industry expressing how she admires these artists. She wrote a motivational post inspiring the artist, she wrote " “This is for all the independent artists. People that do everything themselves,” Lady Du wrote. “All the people that do so much for the industry but feel trapped!!! Let your surname carry you!!!! Build your legacy!!!!!! Thank you all for saving my life.”

Some of the featured vocalists are Nkosazana Daughter, Aymos, Professor, Dinky Kunene, Starr Healer, Reign Racks, and Ntokozo Mkhize one of the best upcoming vocalists in the Amapiano industry who are already making their mark in the industry.

Lady Du's music is a blend of electronic and Amapiano genres. Her signature style is characterized by mesmerizing melodies, irresistible beats, and emotive vocals influenced by the township life. She consistently pushes the limits of her artistry with each new release, captivating audiences with her one-of-a-kind sound and heartfelt lyrics.

As we wait for Lady Du to drop her single this Friday she also celebrates her birthday on the same day, she will be hosting a birthday party with all the featured artists on the lineup to perform at her birthday celebration.

With her extraordinary talent and limitless creativity, Lady Du is all set to leave an everlasting impression on the music industry with this song, inspiring people from all over the world to dance, sing, and celebrate those who have helped you through the tough times.


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