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Josiah De Disciple, Omit ST - Show Me ft. Murumba Pitch, Lioness Ratang

"Show Me" is a standout track by Josiah De Disciple and Omit ST, featuring Murumba Pitch and Lioness Ratang. This collaboration brings together some of the most talented artists in the South African music scene, creating a song that is both soulful and captivating, emblematic of the Amapiano genre.

The Artists

- Josiah De Disciple: A former member of the renowned duo JazziDisciples, Josiah De Disciple has established himself as a formidable solo artist in the Amapiano genre. Known for his innovative production and deep, soulful sounds, Josiah brings a rich musical texture to "Show Me."

- Omit ST: As a rising producer and DJ, Omit ST is recognized for his ability to blend traditional African rhythms with modern electronic beats. His contributions to "Show Me" add a unique flavor and depth to the track.

- Murumba Pitch: Known for their harmonious vocal deliveries and emotive performances, Murumba Pitch adds a layer of soul and emotion to "Show Me." Their vocal harmonies and lyrical prowess are key highlights of the track.

- Lioness Ratang: With her powerful and distinctive voice, Lioness Ratang provides a compelling vocal performance that complements the track's soulful vibe. Her contributions help elevate the song to new emotional heights.


Musical Composition

"Show Me" features a blend of soulful melodies and rhythmic beats characteristic of Amapiano, highlighted by:

- Deep, Melodic Piano Lines: The track opens with Josiah De Disciple's signature melodic piano riffs, setting a reflective and emotive tone.

- Intricate Percussion: The use of syncopated drum patterns and complex percussion adds energy and rhythm to the track, making it dynamic and engaging.

- Harmonious Vocals: The vocal performances by Murumba Pitch and Lioness Ratang are both powerful and soulful, creating a rich tapestry of sound that draws listeners in.


Lyrical Themes

The lyrics of "Show Me" delve into themes of love, vulnerability, and emotional connection. The artists express a desire for genuine affection and understanding, capturing the complexities of romantic relationships. The heartfelt delivery and introspective lyrics resonate with listeners, creating an emotional connection that is both deep and relatable.


Cultural Impact

"Show Me" exemplifies the innovative and collaborative spirit of the Amapiano genre. By bringing together artists with diverse backgrounds and musical styles, the track showcases the richness and versatility of South African music. The song's blend of traditional and contemporary elements resonates with a broad audience, highlighting the genre's global appeal.



"Show Me" by Josiah De Disciple and Omit ST, featuring Murumba Pitch and Lioness Ratang, is a soulful and emotive track that captures the essence of Amapiano. With its deep melodic lines, intricate rhythms, and powerful vocal performances, this song is sure to become a favorite among fans of the genre. "Show Me" is a testament to the creativity and talent of the artists involved, reaffirming their status as leading figures in the South African music industry


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