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Harry Cane Teams Up with Master KG & DJ LaTimmy for Amapiano's Latest Sensation 'Dubula'

Updated: Feb 2 is thrilled to announce the release of 'Dubula', a groundbreaking collaboration between Harry Cane, the renowned Master KG, and the dynamic DJ LaTimmy. This track is set to redefine the Amapiano music scene, bringing a fresh sound that resonates with the heart of South African music.

'Dubula', which means 'shoot' in Zulu, combines traditional Amapiano rhythms with contemporary beats, showcasing the unique talents of Harry Cane, Master KG, and DJ LaTimmy. This song is a perfect blend of their distinct styles, creating an unforgettable dance experience for Amapiano enthusiasts.

The track's infectious beat and catchy lyrics are bound to become a staple on dance floors across the globe. It epitomizes the vibrant spirit of Amapiano, a genre that continues to captivate music lovers worldwide.

Don't miss out on this Amapiano masterpiece. Visit to listen to 'Dubula' and explore more Amapiano grooves that are shaping the music world.

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