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Aymos’ recently released his debut album, Yimi Lo which mixes Afro-pop with Amapiano.

  • Well before lockdown, Aymos has been a central Amapiano vocalist on songs such as eMcimbini and Shonamalanga.

  • Aymos’s work blends his Afro-pop talents with Amapiano.

  • He speaks on hig debut album Yimi Lo how life has changed after ‘making it big’.

South African’s prominent composer and vocalist has been one of Amapiano’s most prominent vocalists, appearing on hits such as eMcimbini by Scorpion Kings and Bamebele and Shonamalanga – both of which are well put together collaborative effort between Aymos and Mas Musiq. Now in his debut album, Yimi Lo, Aymos show off different colours and styles with the sound.

His style of bridging Afro-pop and Amapiano births the Yimi Lo project which he refers to as Afro-yano project. He tells Apple music how he believes that most people will relate to the album. He continues to say that even the more mature listeners will be able to connect with Amapiano songs.

With his game-changing collaborations with respected UK producers Juls and Karen Nyame KG, the Amapiano star Aymos is excited to showcase his 14-track opus championing unique Afro-yano sounds.

The first half of Yimi Lo consists of vocal Amapiano tunes in which the artist embraces his new life an established musician. On Lyf Styl, he declares, “Umsebenzi wami wukudedela ama-hit (My job is to release hits).” While on AmaPaperBag, Aymos plays to the stereotypes of celebrity culture, name-checking high fashion brands which he admits he’s not even that familiar with.

“Once you’ve made it, everyone sets standards for you,” he says. “Like, now that you’re trending, you probably stay in Sandton, drive a BMW or a Merc like Maphorisa who is at the forefront of Amapiano.” This idea is present on the album’s opener Jemeni, featuring Amapiano stalwart Focalistic, in which Aymos sings the praises of German cars. “Jemeni is a personification of German cars. Fast, heavy machines. They are beautiful and muscular. That was how I interpreted my comeback into the Amapiano scene.”

As the album progresses, he becomes more transparent about how he’s a young artist trying to break into the industry. Whether it’s the tongue-in-cheek ‘Lyf Styl’, the braggadocios ‘Amapaperbag’ or ‘Risasekile’ about rekindling an old flame, the project’s deeply personal approach covers everything from love and heartbreak to aspirations as an artist to finding identity and calling, over resounding Amapiano music with slants of lush Afro-pop and soulful house that will keep listeners wanting more.

Yamos was born and raised in Tembisa, he spotted his talents as a singer and music lover in church, where he refined his skills as a composer and an artist. He soon began carving his way through the industry. First as a backing vocalist and then as a session musician, before collaborating with Mas Musiq on the hugely popular ‘Zaka’, and then appearing alongside DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small on the groundbreaking ‘eMcimbini’ – the rest, as they say, is history.

The album is available on all major platforms.

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