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Prince Kaybee Announces Plans To Join The Amapiano Movement

It’s official, Amapiano has taken over the entire music industry and even the most devout of House producers are now recognizing that this sound is to be welcomed by all. Popular House producer, Prince Kaybee has just announced a new single, an Amapaino remix of Lira’s song, Feel Good.

In the past Prince Kaybee has criticized other House and Hip-Hop producers and musicians for jumping on the Amapiano trend but he has also been full of praise for the Amapiano producers and pioneers for the feat that they have achieved.

With this new debut, Prince Kaybee will be making his first Amapiano song and both fans and critics will be watching to see how it all goes.

Given the skills that Kaybee has on the keyboard We hope that there will be many more Piano songs from him.

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